vHIT is unique in our test battery as it provides the opportunity to test previously inaccessible parts of the vestibular system.


Name: Lynzee McShea, MSc CS

Title: Senior Clinical Scientist (Audiology)

Clinic: City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Trust, Audiology department

“By reducing our test time per patient by 45 minutes, we have increased our assessment clinic capacity. This has allowed us to hold “further assessment clinics” where we can perform more detailed testing such as VEMPs and increase our capacity for vestibular rehabilitation.” 

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The ICS Impulse allows for a more comprehensive and physiologic evaluation of people with symptoms of balance dysfunction.

jim  Name: Jim Cinberg, MD, FACS

  Title: Neuro-otologist

  Clinic: Balance Disorder Center of New jersey, NJ, USA

  “ICS Impulse provides objective evidence of the capacity of each semicircular canal to respond to physiologic velocity stimulus as measured by VOR and saccades.”

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Patient Case: Ten minute test to diagnose patient who suffered from dizziness for four years.

morten  Name: Morten Friis

  Title: MD, ENT specialist and Neuro-Otologist, Ph.D.

  Clinic: Rigshospitalet Denmark


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ICS Impulse provide information on peripheral vestibular function that could not previously be obtained

licht  Name: Brandon Lichtman

  Title: Doctor of Audiology, Au.D., FAAA, CNIM

  Clinic: Wheeling Hospital, West Virginia, USA

  “We now get precise side of lesion specific information about anterior and posterior semicircular canal function. The additional anatomical information enables us to provide     optimal patient care. “

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The ICS Impulse is mandatory for any practitioner woking with dizzy patients

Pic_011_HR_100px  Name: Margie H. Sharpe

  Title: Prof. Dr. & Vestibular Physiotherapist

  Clinic: Dizziness & Balance Disorders Centre, Adelaide Australia

 “ICS Impulse has made evaluation of the dizzy patient much easier and increased the accuracy, objectivity and reliability of my findings.”

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A Video Head Impulse Test Pioneer: Dr. Leonardo Manzari tested over 3800 patients

manzari  Name: Leonardo Manzari

  Title: MD, ENT specialist

  Clinic: MSA ENT Center, Cassino, Italy

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Calorics and rotatory chair testing have previous been considered to be “gold standard” tests. Now, the ICS Impulse is the first choice in my opinion.

morten Name: Morten Friis

 Title: MD, ENT specialist and Neuro-Otologist, Ph.D.

 Clinic: Rigshospitalet Denmark

 “As the test is so easy and quick to perform, every single patient with vertigo and dizziness are tested with the ICS Impulse apparatus. Most of the times there is no need to   select patients for further time-consuming and occasionally unpleasant caloric testing.”

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Neuro-Otologist Christian Geisler: Today all testing is performed immediately within the first visit

impulseChristian Name: Christian Geisler

 Title: MD, Neuro-Otologist, CEO Dizzycenter Stockholm

 Clinic: Dizzycenter Stockholm

 “Nowadays, all necessary vestibular testing can be made in house. The doctor can perform all the testing himself and get an immediate grasp of the patients’ vestibular  condition.”

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Private ENT Dr. Schmäl: If I had to decide between a caloric irrigator and the ICS Impulse then I would choose ICS Impulse

schmal Name: Frank Schmäl

 Title: Prof. Dr. med.

 Clinic: Dizziness Unit ENT center Münsterland (Münster/Greven), Germany

 “Compared to the caloric test ICS Impulse is faster and tests vision stabilization, one of the main functions of the vestibuloocular reflex(VOR), in a physiologic way.”

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Private ENT Dr. Sanchis: ICS Impulse delivers fast, accurate and easily reproducible results, enabling a vast timesaving when diagnosing dizzy patients.

maria Name: Maria Teresa Sanchis Sario

 Title: Dr. med.

 Clinic: ENT, Bochum Germany

  The implementation of ICS Impulse into our vestibular test battery has resulted in huge time savings for our clinic. We now spend 45 minutes to an hour less than before when diagnosing dizzy patients. On follow-up visits we typically save 30 minutes.

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Private ENT Dr. Karin Kraft saves time and has more confidence in her diagnosis after adding ICS Impulse to the vestibular test battery

karin Name: Karin Kraft

 Title: Dr. med.

 Clinic: Private ENT, Bernburg (Germany)

 “The ICS Impulse is simple to implement, time-saving, cost effective and, for the patient, a non-invasive test. It provides an important building block in the diagnosis of acute dizziness and is, therefore, highly relevant for both ENT’s and neurologists.

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ENT surgeon and Neuro-Otologist Søren Hansen: The diagnostic certainty that ICS Impulse gives the doctor is hard to ignore.

sorenICS Name: Søren Hansen

 Title: MD, ENT surgeon and Neuro-Otologist

 Hospital: ENT department, Rigshospitalet, Denmark

 “The standard subjective head impulse test demands a trained examiner and still very often gives an unclear result. The ICS Impulse gives precise and informative results in the  form of tracings, gains and 3D representations which are easy to interpret, easy to explain to the patients due to the great graphics and useful in future follow up with patients.”

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ENT surgeon and Neuro-Otologist Nicholas Perez is a firm believer in the benefits of the ICS Impulse

pic1 Name: Nicholas Perez

 Title: ENT surgeon and Neuro-Otologist

 University: University of Navarra, Spain

 “First of all, the new technology means it is now possible to carry out extremely accurate tests in a matter of minutes – even outside the lab. The ICS Impulse is so lightweight and portable that bedside examinations are easy. Also, challenging patient segments like children and the hard of hearing can be quickly and accurately tested.”

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Research Audiologist Maxine Armstrong: ICS Impulse is Patient Friendly and Easy to Learn

pic2 Name: Maxine Armstrong

 Title: M.Sc.Aud(c)

 Hospital: Toronto General, Canada

 “The video head impulse test (vHIT) is very fast, very comfortable for patients, and was very easy to learn. Every single one of our staff members were able to use the ICS Impulse independently after minimal training. This means we can hit the ground running with patient testing with very little clinic down time.“

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ENT Specialist Arne Scholtz: This new technology is an important addition to the vestibular test battery

pic3 Name: Arne Scholtz

 Title: Professor Dr. Med

 ENT Clinic: Innsbruck University Hospital, Austria

 Article in German – Published in Kronen Zeitung January 21st 2012 US

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