Interesting Video Head Impulse Research from Brazil

ICS Impulse is a global success and it is wonderful to see so much thoughtful research and publications coming from all over the world.  In South and Central America ICS Impulse has been embraced by many.  Drs Francisco Carlos Zuma e Maia & Pedro Luiz Mangabeira Albernaz along with their colleagues have published numerous articles.  We feature 3 of their articles here.  The conclusions are:

  1. “Video head impulse test provides an important contribution to the evaluation of anterior and posterior semicircular canal disorders. Abnormal responses of the anterior and posterior canals were found in several patients, either alone or combined with altered responses in the lateral canals. A unilateral hypoactive response of a posterior canal was found in a patient with a small vestibular schwannoma.” Access publication
  2. Case Report “Differentiating central from peripheral origins of vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) lesions can be challenging. A 36-year old man presented with a 1-year history of progressive unsteadiness. The video-Head Impulse Test revealed a significantly reduced VOR gain in both horizontal and posterior canals (0.4960.05 and 0.3860.06) but normal VOR responses in both anterior canals (0.8960.08 and 1.0460.15). No plausible combination of end-organ lesion should be responsible for these observations. A brain magnetic resonance imaging disclosed a left inferior cerebellar peduncle lesion suggestive of a glioma.” Access publication
  3. The vestibular function in pilots has been reported as being different from that of other normal subjects. These differences are attributed to adaptation of the vestibule-ocular reflex (VOR) or by habituation.  There were significantly low gain values (p < 0,013) only in the left posterior semicircular canal in the control group as compared with the subject groups. However, there were no significant differences in gain values between the two groups of the active pilots. Access publication

Also see the topic THE VIDEO HEAD IMPULSE TEST IN A CASE OF SUSPECTED BILATERAL LOSS OF VESTIBULAR FUNCTION for another interesting publication by Dr Pedro Luiz Mangabeira Albernaz

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