New Research from Johns Hopkins

Early Adaptation and Compensation of Clinical Vestibular Responses After Unilateral Vestibular Deafferentation Surgery.

While this publication utilizes the competitor to the ICS Impulse, this group of authors is also utilizing ICS Impulse for additional studies.  That being said this article is very good and informative and we thought we should bring awareness to it.  The authors investigate the changes in clinical vestibular responses after unilateral vestibular deafferentation surgery.  Video head impulse testing is broadening the possibilities to research the VOR response.  There is a lot to learn and discover about the VOR system and how vHIT benefits the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  We will continue to share new and beneficial research. Find the article here

Wendy Crumley-Welsh, M.S. CCC-A
Product Manager – Balance Products
Otometrics – North America

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