Age Normative Data for ICS Impulse vHIT

With the release of OTOsuite Vestibular v3.0, we are very pleased to include age normative data for vHIT.  The normative data covers decades from age 10 to 90 years old.  The normative data was obtained through the research of Leigh McGarvie et al.  “There is a need for normative data about how VOR gain is affected by age and also by head velocity, to allow the response of any particular patient to be compared to response of healthy subjects in their age range. In this study we determined for all six semicircular canals, normative values of VOR gain, for each canal across a range of head velocities, for healthy subjects in each decade of life.” See attached publication and poster session for the details behind the normative data. Access publication

Note: to have access to the normative data you must be using the USB ICS Impulse goggle (not firewire), on software version 3.0 and you have to enter the patient’s date of birth into the patient information.

Poster Session:  Metrics of the Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT) of Semicircular Canal Function; Sensitivity and Specificity for Detecting Known Vestibular Loss and Age Dependent Norms for vHIT in Healthy Subjects. 



1) Caloric vs vHIT dissociation

2) Sensitivity and Speci­ficity of vHIT

3) Age Dependent norms for vHIT VOR gain for all semicircular canals

4) Vertical VOR measurement


Sensitivity and Specificity for Detecting Known Vestibular Loss 


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